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The importance of Mathematics as the queen of sciences is obvious to every elite person. Due to the importance of Mathematics in the development of an individual’s reasoning, problem-solving skills, and in general, the ability to think, the necessity of teaching it in different branches of science and technology, is undeniable.

 Mathematics is generally divided into two different branches: Pure or Theoretical Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Broadly speaking, Pure Mathematics discusses about some abstract concepts and its main focus is on generalizing theorems or mathematical structures that leads to deeper understanding of the original theorems or structures. Applied Mathematics entirely focuses on how to apply Mathematical principles for answering to the questions people may have about the world around them and the other practical problems.

Together with the growing attention toward mathematical sciences around the globe, there were also many Iranians mathematicians who had a significant impact on the development of this science. Among them, it is worth mentioning names like Khwarizmi and Khayyam, Ghiyassoddin Jamshid Kashani, Kooshki Guilani, and recent mathematicians as Hashtroudi, Shahriari Zadeh whose theorizations has a broad contribution to many other majors.

Mathematics at  Semnan University

Department of Mathematics itself started working on 1990. Also, Statistics and Computer Science Departments has been established in 2007, 2008 respectively. But, they were unified as one separate faculty by the foundation of the Faculty of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science in 2010.Currently, students are studying in 17 different majors in Bachelor of Science, Master and PHD Degree under  the supervision of 33 faculty members.

As the international contribution to the world of Mathematics, Semnan University is in charge of publishing  “International Journal of Nonlinear Analysis and its Application”. The Editor in chief is professor Madjid Eshaghi Gordji, full professor of Mathematics. He has been recognized as the superior Mathematics scientist in the world in 2015.




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